Calling all Female Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers, & Freelancers.

Are You Ready to Get More Clients With Simple Step-By-Step Systems & Strategies?

Bringing in clients consistently is the lifeblood of every business.

However, attracting clients can be hard if you find marketing & selling overwhelming.  It can feel like nothing you do is working or will ever work.  

You want to find hot leads, find retainer clients, sign up high ticket clients and just have a consistent flow of paying clients. 

But right now:
✅You’re Struggling to promote yourself;
✅Your lead generation strategies aren’t working;
✅Your call to action and sales copy aren’t converting;
✅Your growth on social media and audience growth, in general, is nonexistent;
✅You think the only way to succeed is with Facebook ads but you don’t have money to lose;
✅You’re finding marketing exhausting and overwhelming;
✅You’re not showing up consistently so lack visibility.

You Just Want More Clients Please 

All you want is to start getting clients consistently so you can make the money you want in your business.

 You want simple systems and strategies that you can implement and get results. 

Here’s a bold question:

What if you could…
✅Develop Marketing Systems that help you get Clients with Ease
✅Design offers that Gain more clients and customers
✅Cultivate unstoppable confidence to start getting premium clients
✅Outline Custom Game Plans so Getting more leads becomes simple
✅Identify each step you need to sell authentically and grow your business

Sounds too good to be true?
Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how! 

These are the exact steps included in this exclusive membership.

Say Hello to…

Step Up Boss Up Tribe

A membership designed to help female entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to get clients consistently with training, tools, resources, support & accountability to create a profitable business that generate consistent income.

Your Membership Includes

Pre-Work: Release Your Fears + Uplevel Your Mindset

Module 1: Identify Your Why, Clarify Your Purpose & Create Your Vision.
You'll be able to define both your life & business purpose, vision & mission. Enabling you to design a business that fulfils the life you want.

Module 2: Increase Your Confidence, Develop Trust & Conquer Limiting Beliefs.
You'll be able to analyze what’s holding you back from showing up fully in your business and start to develop systems to boost your confidence as well as overcome limiting beliefs.

Module 3: Set Big Goals to Achieve Your Business Dreams
You'll be able to create big business goals based on both your business & life purpose, vision and mission. So that you can develop a strategic plan to meet those goals in the upcoming phases.

Phase 1: (Re)Clarify & (Re)Validate Your Profitable Target Audience & Niche

Module 1: The Difference Between Target Audience, Niche & Ideal Client
You'll be able to recognise the difference between your target audience, niche & ideal client. And clearly define your target audience.

Module 2: Pinpoint the Ideal Profitable Niche You Want to Serve.
You'll be able to identify your niche marketing, breakdown the problems they need solved and begin to evaluate how you can help solve those problems.

Module 3: Develop a Deep Understanding of Your Ideal Soulmate Clients.
You'll (re)create your ideal client avatar, so you understand their pain points at a deep level. This will enable you to develop offers they actually want and create marketing strategies that connects with them.

Phase 2: (Re)Create Client Attracting Irresistible Offers

Module 1: Defining Your Signature System
Define the process you take to give your clients results, so you have a written step-by-step process that will enable you to streamline your time and create multiple offers that increase your income sources.

Module 2: Defining Your Aligned Offers, Format & Structure
(Re)Create your easy yes offer, that will be a no-brainer for your ideal clients to buy from you over and over again.

Module 3: Pricing & Value
Identify how to add extra value to your offers and outline your pricing strategies with a proven step-by-step system.

Phase 3: Attract & Convert Soulmate Clients by Amplifying Your Message, so Your Business Thrives

Module 1: Unleash Content That Attracts Soulmate Clients
Define your content strategy, learn to easily create heart-centred sales content, and start to find planning content fun and joyful.

Module 2: Build Relationships That Pay Over & Over Again
You'll be able to build an audience based on community, network online, even if you're an introvert and be seen as a value driven expert in your niche.

Module 3: Unapologetic Selling
Develop unstoppable confidence in marketing & selling your services and products, so you can show up, be visible and make more sales.

Next Level Work: Create Systems & Processes that help you grow your business without working more hours.

✅Recognize the next steps your business needs to take to grow.
✅Apply different strategies to test what works for you.
✅Design a custom marketing game plan based on how you want to show up in the world.

Planner & Playbook Hub

Get access to planners, trackers and playbooks that give you step-by-step guidance to develop specific skills, implement specific actions and track progress like:
✅ Email Marketing
✅ List Building
✅ Instagram Marketing
✅ Facebook Marketing
✅ Content Marketing
✅ Sales Funnels & Product Launch
✅ Client Attraction
✅ Market Research
✅ Marketing Campaigns

Templates Hub

Get Access to templates that you can just plug n play to make getting started much quicker and remove overwhelm from learning new skills.
✅ Email Templates
✅ Subject line Templates
✅ Sales Page Templates
✅ Landing Page Templates
✅ Lead Magnet Templates

Mindset & Productivity Hub

You'll get access to training, tools and resources that will help you develop your money mindset, manage your time and become super productive in your business and life.

Monthly Training Labs

Every month get access to the latest strategy and implementation training to get clients and grow your business. A few of the topics we will be covering are:
✅ Digital Marketing 101
✅ Client Onboarding Systems
✅ Facebook Groups Success Formula
✅ Instagram Reels Success Formula
✅ Video Confidence Marketing Strategies
✅ Email Marketing Kickstart
✅ List Building Workshop

Tribe Perks

✅Live Q&A once a month;
✅Private community to ask all your questions as well as Accountability circles;
✅Written Feedback given on work;
✅Access to all courses sold outside membership;
✅Discount on 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching & VIP Intensives;
✅The ability to promote and network in the Female Entrepreneurs Step Up Boss Up Society's Facebook Group.

Join now and you get access to 

  • Training Videos & Implementation Worksheets for each of the 12 modules [$997]
  • Next Level Work Training Workshops [$697]
  • Every thing inside the Planner & Playbook hub [$340]
  • Every thing inside the Templates Hub [$450]
  • Everything inside the Mindset & Productivity Hub [$697]
  • The Monthly Training Labs Vault [$1997]
  • All the Tribe Perks [$5,997]
  • [Course] Money Mindset Unleashed [$97]
  • [Course] Confident Sales Game Plan [$27]
  • Plus everything that is added month to month...

Total Value: $11,299 +
Official Launch Price: $49 per month
Todays Price: $27 per month [Locked-in Founding Members Price]

Only available for the first 50 members.

Founding Member Price Available For The First 50 Members